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I would like to share my fresh experience after listening to the “For All Jivas” album. I hope you don’t mind a tint of my personal point in each of these commentaries, but as a loyal fan of the 4jivas, I cannot manage to be objective. smiley Each of the tracks shares a place in my heart…

It’s good to point out that this CD was made in house conditions and the members of 4jivas used their abilities only, to create it.


The name was probably taken from the glorious mood that this track has. The flute, guitar, organs and vocal choirs make the atmosphere very wonderful; it is made even nicer by the percussion set. You can hear how the vocalists are relaxed and towards the end smile to each other – well, that’s how I felt.

Charana Padma

This is the only work on the CD where the classical percussion was replaced by an acoustic darabuka – it’s actually really nice. The drum made this record very lively and dynamic, just like from a concert. The cool drum solo on the end is a nice surprise. I just wanted to jump!!! smiley

Hari Haraye

This song shows that the music from “For All Jivas” (for all living beings) album is evidently meant for all listeners – in this case people who like light music for dancing. The meaning of the words in Sanskrit is about the holy places of pilgrimage, which are visited and worshipped still today.

Madana Mohana Murari

This is a beautiful, calm piece which was created based on a personal event. Simple, but touching sound of the violin exactly gives the mood of the top moment. The last part, which was sung with great sentiment give me shivers. I won’t comment any more, you have to listen to it yourself…

Haribol Nitai Gaur

Lovely piano and an interesting electrical guitar give a very good combination that culminates towards the end. The composers made it really energetic after that. You can see that meditation with these exotic sounds can be fun for both the singers and the listeners.

Chaitanya Nityananda

A light and calm form of music filled by the sweet sound of violin, reminds us of the past. I recommend it as a lullaby before sleep for all children, big and small. smiley

Jaya Radha Madhava

I love jazz, therefore this track really fell on the list of my likes. Actually I was surprised to hear this kind of music on a CD promoting relaxation. Heavy, rhythmic drums with interesting in-betweens and a perfect jazzy piano create an unforgettable mood – a real “dessert” for the ears of the listener…

In a Humble State of Mind

This piece has a form of so called “train” – begins very gently and then takes on speed, mainly because of the lively percussion. Bravo Martin! The vocal debut of Satya shows a really good job. Her sweet voice combined with the mature singing of Bhava is an interesting composition. I order more such combinations in the future. smiley


This track has a meditative character meant especially for people who love to contemplate in nature. The singing of birds and a simmering stream underlined by the vibration of harmonium invite you to stop for a while, put on the “relax mode”, forget about the worries of everyday life and immerse in the calming sound of “Gaur-ra-ang-ga…”


So that’s it… The CD hasn’t been off my CD player for many days and I don’t even have a thought to change it. The transcendental vibrations of mantras never get boring and exhausting, but work the opposite – calming to the heart and the mind.

I heartily recommend this CD!!!